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Tired of using whiteboards and multiple systems? How about a platform designed exclusively for videographers, by the world's leading video production company. We manage our brands using — from billing to customer management and much more.

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Vanilla Video

A video production company in Chicago.

For Our Brand

Nationwide videography services.

Advanced Features

High Volume Video Production

Our brands deal with enormous workloads. Project management for video production companies, with a great amount of care and dilligence.

Manage Videographers

From calendar management to gear and logistics — our system track and handle analytics on key business data.

Customer Relationships

Never switch to an email app, invoicing app or price sheet again. All-in-one customer service already built-in.

One-Click Advertising

Enable or Disable in seconds, with a customizeable budget. Our algorithms handle boring bits & tedious tweaks.

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Business Suite · A Solution for Video Production Companies